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I am an artist that enjoys working in various mediums, with passion for drawing, painting, and vector based art (and just about everything else).  Originally from Northeast Ohio, I left the rural farm country of my youth for the big city when I moved to New York in 2005. There I began a career as a sound mixer for film production which I still do to this day.  You can see a glimpse of my other life here:

Living in New York had a profound effect on my development as an artist and my growth as a person in general.  But after 7 years I decided to change up coasts and move to the Pacific Northwest, landing in Portland in 2012.

I enjoy juxtaposing visual/design elements to communicate aspects of human experience.

I am also passionate about figure studies, expressing the human form in a variety of styles, working with models of all different body types.

Josh Neal, Artist in Portland, OR

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